Debian packages

I am Debian Maintainer. I am member (although not very active one) of Python Modules Packaging Team.

I maintain Debian packages for

PyOpenCL is Python library for accessing OpenCL. PyCUDA is Python library for accessing CUDA. Both allow for Python to run programs on GPU.

I also help with development of PyOpenCL and PyCUDA. You can find more information about this in other page.

Ubuntu contains PyOpenCL and PyCUDA. PyOpenCL and PyCUDA packages are based on my package, but are older, and changed to deal with different graphical stack in Ubuntu. If you are involved with Ubuntu (e.g. you are MOTU) and want to help with bringing latest version of PyOpenCL an PyCUDA to Ubuntu, please contact me. I'll gladly help - but as I do not know details of Ubuntu development and graphical system, I cannot do it on my own.